5 Thai secrets to keep you healthy and sane at home

Let’s start a new year with good health. Soon Christmas and New year holidays will come again. Most of us are now working from home during the pandemic. Eating unhealthy food, sitting long hours in front of the computers, lack of exercise make us feel bad about ourselves. It has definitely come to an end. Let’s kick off good habits the Thai way.

How to be healthy should start from the inside out. Now is a good time to restart your new energetic, healthy and happy lifestyle. We look ahead and hope for a better year. In order to get rid of stress and create positive energy, we reveal the best 5 Thai secrets for an energetic and healthy lifestyle. It will not just keep your body and mind healthier, but will make you fantastic throughout the year. It will calm you down, ease your stress and will also shred your few kilos.

Tom Yam Soup with coconut milk

1. Cook healthy and tasty

Thai cuisine is one of the healthiest you can eat. Besides, it is tasty. Tom Yam Soup with coconut milk is a good example of a healthy Thai dish. Easy to make, lower calories and tasty. Just add some protein meat of your own choice or only vegetables, it is a healthy and delicious dinner.

It is already known that many fresh herbs and spices used in Thai cooking such as turmeric, galangal and lemongrass, —have immune-boosting and disease-fighting power. 



Galanger helps to ease abdominal discomfort and pain, helps the digestion and improve blood circulation. 



Lemongrass is used intensively in Thai cooking. It has been used in Chinese medicine since ancient times for the following conditions – flu and colds, fevers, headaches and abdominal pains.

Coconut milk

Coconut milk has gotten in recent years when, in fact, it is extremely healthy. It contains good fat. Contrary to what you might believe, coconut milk lowers bad cholesterol (LDL), while promoting good ones. It boosts immunity, modulates metabolic functions and fights aging. 

Practice meditation

2. Practice meditation

Meditation is good for everyone from youngsters to seniors. Some have come to Thai temples to learn meditation techniques from the master to improve both in mentality and spiritually.  Less than 10 minutes a day of meditation can make you more focused, increase self-awareness and lower levels of stress and anxiety. Meditation has also benefits for your physical health as it can develop your tolerance of pain and even help fight substance of addiction. It helps you live a healthier and happier life. Meditation can foster compassion for yourself and others.

Guide how to meditate

Meditation is a practice of training your attention and focus from a place of non-judgement. You are not turning off your thoughts or feelings. You are learning to observe and being aware of the feelings and the thoughts that comes to you while meditating. It is mindfulness. For example, you are completely immersed in a single task and not thinking about the past, nor the future. You are being mindful. Meditation is, on the other hand, the intentional practice of mindfulness. Instead of focusing on a specific task, you are focusing on inhaling and exhaling your breathing. Meditation is not limited to only by sitting, you can also do walking meditation. Each time your thoughts try to distract you, direct your attention to your steps and your breathing.

Thai boxing

3. Be more active

We sit a lot more during the day, lounging on a couch or staying hunched over computers and mobiles. These can have a negative effect on your posture and health. Being active does not have to be hard. Taking a brisk walk alone, with your family or your dog in the morning gives you a fresh and healthy start of your day. Stretching your body, doing some easy yoga at home gives you both strength and flexibility as well as calm your mind. 

If you fancy a tougher sport, Thai boxing might be your alternative. Those who choose the martial art Thai boxing have much better odds to stick to their workout goals. Why? It utilizes eight limbs (fists, elbows, legs, and knees) as “weapons”, leading to an infinite number of techniques for you to learn. It is a lifetime’s learning. The longer you train, the more technically savvy you will be. 

Noticeable changes after practice Thai boxing

The sheer amount of punches and kicks that you will execute while training in Muay Thai is enough to get you in shape within a matter of weeks. It increases your cardiovascular conditioning and your core strength. A lot of power generated from strikes emanates from your core. Thus, Thai boxing is one of the best core stability you can perform. It heightens your awareness and sharpens your focus. It relieves stress and gives you a beautifully sculpted physique. 

4. Take care of your skin

Most people know Tamarind for cooking for the sour taste. In Thai cooking we use it for the soup or sauces. But tamarind also has other benefits, especially for beauty. Because of its natural acidity, it helps to whiten and freshen our complexion. Recommemnded for oily and combination skin.


Tamarind Face mask recipe :

Tamarind paste 


A little bit of lemon juice

How to: Mix all the ingredients together and apply on your face for 5-10 minute. Then rinse thoroughly.

5. Drink herbal tea

Whether you want to warm your body in the winter or cool you down in the summer, herbal tea can be consumed all year round. It’s no secret that tea is a popular selection for individuals who want to improve their health naturally. Typical health benefits from drinking herbal tea include relaxation, pain reduction and the improvement of body systems such as digestive and immune.

Herbs that are common in Thai cooking such as ginger and turmeric can be used for your tea time. 


Turmeric Tea

Turmeric tea has anti inflammatory properties that can soothe aches and pains. It can help reduce pain from tough workouts or menstrual cramps.

Ginger Tea

Ginger tea can help your digestion. To aid in digestion, drink ginger tea before a meal or a small cup during your meal. Ginger tea is popularly used to treat nausea from motion sickness and morning sickness.