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Celebrate ‘Songkran in Thailand’, The UNESCO ‘intangible cultural heritage’

The traditional Thai New Year, the biggest and most important of Thailand’s annual festivals, has been celebrated for centuries and is full of tradition and culture. This year “Maha Songkran World Water Festival 2024” set to become a top 10 global events. Taking place from 11-15 April in Bangkok.

In 2023 United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organisation (UNESCO) includes “Songkran in Thailand, Traditional Thai New Year Festival” in the Representative List of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity.  “In Thailand, Songkran refers to the sun’s annual passing into the Aries constellation, the first sign of the Zodiac, which marks the traditional start of the new year,” UNESCO said in a statement. “Occurring in mid-April after the rice harvest, it is a time when people reunite with their families and pay their respects to older adults, ancestors, and sacred Buddha images. Pouring water is a significant act during Songkran symbolising cleansing, reverence, and good fortune.”

The Songkran Festival, which takes place nationwide in Thailand, is an event where boisterous fun and ancient traditions go hand-in-hand. This year the event will be grander than ever with “Maha Songkran World Water Festival 2024” extravaganza which will take place from 11-15 April in Bangkok, along the Ratchadamnoen Klang Avenue and at Sanam Luang. The ‘Maha Songkran Parade’ with over 20 grand processions featuring more than 1,000 performers that will be marching along the Ratchadamnoen Klang Avenue to Sanam Luang where the rich culture and tradition of Thai soft power will be illustrated will surely create an ever-lasting memory for visitors from all over the world. The event will be broadcast globally via CNN, BBC and iQIYI.

Maha Songkran highlight events:

11 – 15 April 2024: Bangkok, Sanam Luang

1. Songkran Cultural and musical performances

  • Khon masked drama
  • Nora dance drama
  • Contemporary and orchestra
  • Muay Thai Maha Songkran

2. Showcase and activities booth from Northern, Northeastern, Eastern, Central and Southern regions of Thailand

3. DIY workshops of local arts and handicrafts from the five regions

4. Amazing splash with musical dancing fountain, water tunnel, gigantic wading pool, and water station (at the water zone

5. Maha Songkran Parade (11 April 2024): featuring 20 grand processions and more than 1,000 performers

Where: from the Phan Fa Lilat Bridge to Sanam Luang, BKK

13 April 2024: Thai New Year

A Merit-making ceremony

Song Nam Phra – ritual of purifying a Buddha image with scented water as a way of paying respect to the Lord Buddha and bringing good fortune to the person.

Rot Nam Dam Hua – where young people prepare scented water with which to wash their parents’ or elders’ hands to ask for blessing.

Where to celebrate Songkran

For tourists, the Songkran Festival offers a chance to enjoy a huge celebration where water parties break out in the streets of Thailand’s towns and villages. For the locals, it is a time when they can spend precious time with their families and visit temples to observe ancient rites and make merit. There is no doubt that it is a fascinating time to be in Thailand. Although Songkran is on 13-15 April, some regions traditionally celebrate at different times. Here are some of the events we recommend.

Northern Region

  • Chiang Mai

             Pawe Ni Pi Mai Mueang Chiang Mai 2024: 4-20 April 2024

  • Lampang

             Salung Luang, Klong Yai, Pi Mai Mueang Nakhon Lampang 2024: 7-13 April 2024

             Venue: Museum Lampang and Clock Tower Intersection

  • Chiang Rai

             Pawe Ni Pi Mai Mueang: 12-13 April 2024

             Venue: 75th Anniversary Flag and Lamp Park, Mueang Chiang Rai

  • Phitsanulok

             Songkran Song Kwai 2024: 9-15 April 2024

             Venue: Mueang Phitsanulok

  • Sukhothai

             Song Nam – Oi Tan Ceremony, Songkran Si Satchanalai: 8-12 April 2024

             Venue: Phraya Lithai Monument and Si Satchanalai Historical Park, Si Satchanalai District

Central Region

  • Bangkok

             Maha Songkran World Water Festival 2024: 11-15 April 2024

             Venue: Ratchadamnoen Klang Avenue and Sanam Luang

  • Kanchanaburi

             Songkran Mon Festival: 12-17 April 2024

             Wat Wang Wiwekaram, Sangkhla Buri District

  • Sing Buri

             Songkran Ban Rachan Festival: 13-15 April 2024

             Venue: Wat Pho Kao Ton and Ban Rachan Retro Thai Market

  • Phra Nakhon Si Ayutthaya

             Water Splashing with The Elephants: 13-15 April 2024

Venue: Si Sanphet Road, Phra Nakhon Si Ayutthaya

Southern Region

  • Nakhon Si Thammarat

Maha Songkran Festival 2024: Nang Dan Procession:13-16 April 2024

Venue: Si Thammasokarat Park

Mueang Khon Ron Chan Activity: 13 April 2024

Venue: Central Nakhon Si Thammarat

  • Songkhla

Midnight Songkran Festival 2024: 12-13 April 2024

Venue: Sanaeha Nusorn Road, Thammanun Withi Road, Nipat Uthit 2 Road, Nipat Uthit Road,

Chi Uthit Road, Hat Yai District

  • Phuket

Songkran No Alcohol 2024, Songkran on Dibuk Road, Phuket: 13 April 2024

Venue: Limelight Avenue Mall, Dibuk Road

Northeastern Region

  • Nakhon Ratchasima

Songkran Korat “Hae Phra Khanhararatha Hae Lot Pratu Chumphon”: 12-15 April 2024

Venue: Mueang Nakhon Ratchasima

  • Khon Kaen

Traditional Isan Songkran Festival, Wat Chaisi, Ban Sawathi: 13-15 April 2024

Venue: Ordination hall, Wat Chaisi, Ban Sawathi, Mueang Khon Kaen

  • Udon Thani

Songkran Mueang Udon Thani “Sat Nam Si Dok Chan…Songkran Mueang Udon”: 13-16 April 2024

Venue: Thung Si Mueang, Udon Thani Museum, and Nong Prachak Silapakhom Park,

Mueang Udon Thani

  • Loei

Merit-making Procession of Ban Saeng Pha Community: 14 April 2024

Venue: Wat Si Pho Chai, Na Haeo District

  • Buri Ram

Buddha’s Robe Procession To The Volcano and Paying Homage To Phra Yai: 13-14 April 2024

Venue: Khao Kradong Forest Park

  • Nakhon Phanom

Songkran Nakhon Phanom on Khao Pun Road: 15 April 2024

Venue: Naga Monument and Phaya Si Sattanakharat activity area

  • Nong Khai

Songkran Nong Khai: Puk Pa Kao Ma (Tying Thai Loincloth), Phra Sai Buddha Image Bathing Rite, and Preserving Local Tradition Festival: 13-14 April 2024

Venue: Pho Chai Subdistrict, Mueang Nong Khai

Eastern Region

  • Chon Buri

Sand Pagoda Building on Wan Lai Merit-making Day, Bang Saen: 16-17 April 2024

Venue: Bang Saen Beach

Wan Lai Pattaya Festival 2024:18-20 April 2024

Venue: Pattaya

  • Samut Prakan

Songkran Phra Pradaeng: 19-21 April 2024

Phra Pradaeng District Office, Phra Pradaeng District

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