Sustainable journey to Koh Mak

Between Koh Chang and Koh Kood, discover Koh Mak, a tranquil haven for eco-conscious travellers. This 16 sq. km island boasts pristine beaches, ranked among the world’s best, and remains largely untouched by tourism. In 2006, the British Sunday Times ranked the beaches of Koh Mak among the 10 best worldwide and recently won 2nd place in The 2023 Green Destinations Story Awards.

To minimizing the island’s carbon footprint, ferry with tourist’s vehicles and any kind of land and marine sport with engine is not allowed. The limitation of rental motorcycle must not over 70% of the total number of rooms for all accommodations. Moreover, they avoid using foam and other material that cause pollution include disposing any kind of rubbish on public space and into the seas. Numbers of solar power have been use for solar electric cars and bicycles and even for a swimming pool system.

Koh Mak, Thailand’s leading eco-island, welcomes families, couples, and adventurers seeking rejuvenation and reconnect with nature. Immerse in its authentic charm, and laid-back atmosphere. Relax, explore, and connect with yourself and loved ones in this paradise for the meaningful journey. Here are some tips for activities that are not only fun but also contribute to keeping the island sustainable.

  1. Explore the island by cycling.

Cycling around Koh Mak is the best way to discover the island. It’s not only sustainable, but also a fun way to explore all the beaches and discover what the island has to offer. The trail is mostly flat terrain, leading you through rubber and coconut plantations. Some of the beaches you can discover along the way include:

Ao Suan Yai Beach: This long, curving sandy beach is surrounded by palm trees and lies on the island’s northwest shore. Family-friendly, it even offers the opportunity to kayak to the nearby island of Koh Kham.

Ao Tan Beach is best known for its beautiful, long wooden pier, making it a popular check-in spot for visitors. Alongside Ao Kao Beach, you can find a variety of small restaurants and shops. From here, you can also stop by the pebble beach and continue for a 10-minute walk to the viewpoint at Cape Tukata.

2. Make the different – Join Trash Hero!

Every Saturday at 10AM Koh Mak islanders, divers and visitors gather at the beach for “Koh Mak Trash Heroes”.  This non-profit organization not only dedicated to cleaning up the beaches and surrounding on the island but also educate the community about waste reduction. Making Koh Mak a cleaner and more sustainable place by reducing waste and raising awareness about environmental issues. You can make a difference, join Trash Hero!

3. Explore natural color dyeing at Roj Studio.

A great way to bring souvenir home from Koh Mak is to make one your own. At Roj studio they use the eco-friendly cold method – free of heat and harsh chemicals. Learn to create vibrant colors straight from nature! Their signature light orange hue comes directly from the unique soil of Koh Mak itself. Khun Roj, the artisans owner will guide you through the art of tie-dyeing, sharing their knowledge, unique techniques, and the island’s rich history.

4. Training Muay Thai by the beach

Combine your relax holiday with an opportunity to get active. It’s a dream to practice Muay Thai by the beach. Muay Thai Gym Koh Mak found by the local, Sudhidhanakul family as an advocate for healthy living and a Muay Thai enthusiast himself. The gym was created out of his love for the sport and desire to share it with others. The gym offers experienced trainers that teach all levels of students, from beginners to professional fighters.

5. Visit Coral nursery

The Koh Mak Coral Conservation Group is a passionate organization dedicated to preserving and restoring the coral reefs surrounding Thailand’s idyllic Koh Mak such as Koh Pee, the small neighbour island. Combining research, community engagement with local fishermen and residents, they protect and nurture these vibrant underwater ecosystems. Traveler can come to learn and support their program through coral health monitoring and planting new fragments.

6. Smile Koh Mak Cooking school.

Rather than importing goods from the mainland, local residents have increased the amount and variety of vegetables and fruit grown on the island for local consumption with organic methods. At Smile Koh Mak, travelers can enjoy the authentic Thai cooking class in open air kitchen with a sea view in traditional Thai house. Most of the ingredients are local from the island or Trat and fresh herbs are grown in the backyard. Advance booking is required. Read more here.

If you’re seeking an authentic local experience on a tranquil island, Koh Mak could be the perfect destination for your next vacation. Traveling to Koh Mak isn’t just about reconnecting with yourself and nature; it’s also an opportunity to give back to the community. The island’s dry season lasts from October to May, with the best time to visit being between December and March.