You too Can Contribute to Thailand’s Green Tourism

Getting Ready for the Trip

  • Travel light: pack only what you need to take with you to save energy on transportation. 
  • Bring enough clothes: minimize the use of hotel laundry service which often wastes a lot of water and electricity, especially in certain places where each laundry load is done per guest.
  • Plan your means of transport: use public vehicles whenever possible. In addition, traveling solo instead of traveling in groups can also reduce energy consumption. 

While on the Road

  • Choosing to walk or bike once arriving at your destinations lessens your carbon footprints while increasing your chance to see and engage with the people.
  • Staying at green hotels to support sustainable tourism. Also, hang the sign “Do not disturb” at the front door and ask for a cleaning service only when necessary to help cut down energy use. 
  • Eating food prepared from locally sourced ingredients can assist in lowering transportation-related carbon emissions.
  • Being conscious of your consumption. Recycle your waste and save resources by using only what you need.