Thailand Cycling Vacation – we share own experiences

“Are you out of your mind? Cycling in Thailand? It’s impossible!” This is the common reaction people often receive when considering a cycling vacation in Thailand. However, Karuna Hellström, a sports enthusiast who has cycled from Bangkok to Chumphon in the south three times and explored routes from Nai Yang in Phuket to Ao Nang in Krabi, has a different perspective. For her, cycling in Thailand has been one of the most rewarding adventures. Contrary to the skeptics, she believes it’s the ideal way to immerse oneself in the country’s stunning landscapes, offering a unique and eco-friendly exploration.

Why cycling vacation?

Karuna chose a cycling vacation in Thailand for several reasons. Firstly, she enjoys the challenge and pushing her limits. Secondly, she seeks to uncover parts of Thailand that remain undiscovered by mainstream travelers. Lastly, she values a vacation that sets her apart from others, allowing her to return to Stockholm with a sense of accomplishment and unique experiences to share.

How to prepare for a cycling trip?

To prepare for her trips, Karuna maintained a regular exercise routine of running, cycling, spinning, and strength training. She also carefully selected a cycling company in Thailand, prioritizing safety and a stress-free experience. While a basic level of fitness is recommended, Karuna emphasizes that cycling vacations are not exclusively for super-fit individuals. Even those with a moderate fitness level can enjoy the experience.

How were the trips?

Describing her trips as fun and meditative, Karuna opted for an all-inclusive cycling tour. Luggage was conveniently transported to hotels, eliminating concerns about packing light or navigating maps. Cycling in a group of around eight people with a team leader and bike guide, Karuna covered approximately 70-100 km per day, providing a slow and eco-friendly travel experience. The routes included diverse landscapes, from fruit orchards to beaches with no tourists, offering a genuine taste of Thailand.


Reflecting on her journeys, Karuna appreciated the opportunity to witness the hard work behind everyday items, such as coconut milk production. Interactions with local people revealed valuable lessons about happiness, emphasizing that wealth does not solely determine contentment. The best aspects of her trips were discovering the true Thailand, interacting with friendly locals, facing personal challenges, experiencing off-the-beaten-path destinations, indulging in excellent food, and building lasting friendships.

Future plan and recommendations

As for future plans, Karuna envisions cycling from Bangkok to Phuket for a more extended program and exploring the northern regions with picturesque mountains and rice fields. She wholeheartedly recommends cycling in Thailand to others, with a few key tips: maintain regular exercise, stay fit and healthy, avoid cycling alone if you’re new to it, and remain open to new and wonderful experiences during the journey.